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Welcome Home Management was created in 2016 by Jay Shaw, a successful real estate investor, licensed real estate agent and coach. Jay's story and foray into property management is likely similar to many of your own personal stories, however, with a twist.

In 2016, Jay bought a student rental property, despite not owning any and knowing nothing about it. So, Jay did what a lot of investors would do, he hired a property manager. What a mistake.

Jay spent more time managing the property manager than he did the property. There was no communication, no transparency in any of the billing, in fact, one time the property manager sent someone to fix the dryer which had broken, and they fixed the wrong dryer. Are you serious?

The icing on the cake was when that property manager called to tell Jay that, while waiting for prospective tenants for a showing, he watched two squirrels crawl into the attic. Jay asked him, so what did you do? He laughed and said he drove away! That was his property manager!

Jay grumbled for a couple of weeks until realizing he could do a much better job and fired him! Two weeks later, he founded Welcome Home Management and hasn't looked back since.

Jay wanted to do things differently. Much differently. He chose to focus on the investor and not himself. While building Welcome Home Management, Jay recalled this encounter with the property manager and all the other pain points that he’d had as an investor, and focused on correcting those for his clients.

At the end of the day, we want our investors to be profitable. If they are profitable, they are happy. It’s not rocket science, but a lot of property management companies lose sight of that simple fact.

Welcome Home Management focuses solely on working with investors in the Hamilton and Niagara regions, two areas that Jay and his team know well.

In 2017, Jay became a licensed realtor working solely with investors looking to build wealth through real estate and in 2021, Jay founded the Welcome Home Realty Group. Jay views himself not as a realtor, but as an investor with a real estate license. Jay coaches investors on the fundamentals to look for when acquiring rental properties and works with investors every step of the way, not just when the deal closes. He further assists investors by working with them through the marketing, showing, and placement of qualified tenants in the property.

Welcome Home Management is meeting and exceeding the growing demand for a professional, trustworthy and cost effective property management solution that owners can depend upon in the Hamilton & Niagara regions. We are constantly improving our processes and incorporating technology for your benefit.

We hear time and time again how other companies are doing things wrong and in contrast, we are doing things right!

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