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How Our Referral Program Works

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1. Send Us Your Client's Details

Fill out our referral form with your customer's information. A member of our team will get in touch quickly.

2. We'll Explain Our Management Solutions

Our staff walks your customer through the management options available for their local home.

3. We Pay You

If the client signs a contract, we'll pay you $300 as our way of saying thanks.


Why Refer Clients to Us?

How You Benefit

Keep Working with Your Customers

You don't need to end your client relationship just because you'd like to refer them to us for our services. We encourage you to continue working with your clients.

Eliminate Your Financial Liabilities

Don't find yourself offering advice that doesn't follow the law or you could encounter numerous financial and legal consequences. Our team keeps your client compliant and your plate risk-free.

We're Happy to Put It in Writing

Want a written contract from our team? We're happy to provide a detailed agreement that documents the ins and outs of our referral agreement. Just ask and we'll do the rest.

Our Team Will Make You Shine

We understand the power of first impressions and we work diligently to earn your client's trust. We'll keep your customer happy and make them thankful they listened to your recommendation.

We'll Pay You!

Earn $300 for every successful referral you complete. Use the calculator to determine your annual earning potential by working with us.

How Much Can You Make?

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Some Sample Numbers

1yr Earnings From Just 2 Referrals/Month
Just 1yr of Protected Sales Commissions