How to attract millennials to your rental and keep them


Whether you believe it or not, the biggest demographic of tenants in 2021, are millennials. We meet with countless investors all the time to manage or place tenants for them and the top question we usually get from them is, “who will you typically rent to.” The number one answer is usually millennials! The Millennial…

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Ensuring Effective Landlord/Tenant Communication

Tenant Communication

Ensuring effective communication with your tenants is one of the most important things that you can do as a landlord. Being on good terms with your tenants, and you have a relationship built on trust and communication, things will be much easier for you. Treating your tenants with respect, you can avoid acrimonious and difficult…

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Reflecting on Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

This week marks month 14 of the COVID-19 pandemic, a global health crisis that doesn’t seem to be going away. We go from lockdown to no lockdown to starting to live a somewhat normal life only to be dragged back into another lockdown. I’m not here to talk about the politics surrounding COVID-19 or lockdowns…

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Tips for Finding Great Tenants

Good Tenants

One of the most challenging things self-managing landlords face is selecting the right tenants. Choosing the right tenant for your rental property will either make you or break you as a landlord, so you need to ensure you take your time in this process. If not done properly, you can kiss that cash flow goodbye.…

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