Strategies for dealing with angry tenants

Being a landlord can be challenging and angry tenants can make it extremely harder. It’s your role as the landlord to keep the peace between you and your tenants, and be solutions oriented in working through challenging times. You may unexpectedly find yourself in a situation where one of your tenants is raging at you.…

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How to spend vacation with your kids during a pandemic

As Ontario moves to Stage 1 of its re-opening plan it’s hard to believe we’ve been on lockdown, partial lockdown which seems like an eternity. As the weather gets warmer it becomes more challenging for things to do while respecting social distancing. Whatever your beliefs are on the pandemic, this post is not political, it’s…

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Where we advertise your rental property

Rental Property

It’s no secret that filling vacancies is the number one stressor for real estate investors as part of the turnover process. It’s also one of the biggest expenses for them. Whether you do it yourself, or hire a management company to do it, you end up paying somehow. Landlords and property managers, therefore, are motivated…

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