A few easy steps to help prevent pests!

As Winter keeps inching closer and closer, the likelihood of little critters trying to get inside increases! 

Some people are fascinated by bugs and critters, and some are creeped out by them, but either way, everyone agrees that they should not be invading your home or rental property. 

Property maintenance is so much more than just keeping the property clean – it’s about keeping it free from pests too. This is not always easy as you often need to determine where and how they are getting into the home. 

Here are some easy steps that can help keep an infestation away!

Close all cracks and gaps

Seal cracks and openings in doors and windows. If your windows have screens, check for holes and tears. This can also be said for any holes in your wall, baseboard, or ceiling where pests might like to hide. 

Seal all openings for utilities

Check all utility openings and seal them. These openings can be reinforced with steel wool or mesh to deter insects or rodents that may gnaw on the sealant. 

Manage indoor and outdoor plants/trees

Trim down any bushes, plants, trees, or branches touching your house as this could become a home for some nests. It is also important to check for nests and webs in corners of your house. 

Clean and repair gutters and drains

Inspect the exterior of your home and note any rotted boards or loose gutters. Gutters are also entry points for pests as well as any loose boards or panels. Rats and squirrels look for soft spots which they can gnaw on to enter your house. Repair any damage and clean out gutters to prevent attracting any insects and bugs. 


Bugs and rodents enter our homes looking for food, water, and shelter. If the property is kept clean, the chance of infestation reduces. Store sugary things and unsealed food in air-tight containers, wipe messes, and take out the garbage. If your property has a garage and you are using it as a storage area, make sure that you remove any clutter that can become a breeding ground for these pests – such as piles of papers. 

Preventing a pest infestation requires a conscious effort but if you find yourself battling a war you cannot win, contact a pest control company to help get rid of the pesky rodents and insects invading your home, or rental property.