Amenities Beyond The Property

Not all rental properties are created equally, in fact, none are, however beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, actually, the same can be said for the amenities.

In a market fierce with competition you need to find ways to differentiate yourself from other investors in that area. Further, not all benefits of the property need to be at the actual property. In fact, when marketing the property, you need to ensure you’re highlighting these things to attract the widest possible candidates for your property.


Potential tenants want to know things like, how walkable is the area? Is it on a major bus route, and what type of neighbourhood is it? They also want to know how far is it from a grocery store? They’re also interested in things like proximity to medical professionals (doctors/dentists) as well as nearby attractions such as shopping.


For families, in addition to know the demographic or type of neighbourhood the property is in, they are going to want to know what school district it’s in, the proximity to this school as well as things like proximity to recreational facilities, library, etc.


For young professionals, neighbourhood is obviously key, but proximity to public transit, access to major highways in the event they are commuters, but also they will want to know about things like cafes, movie theatres and night life. We are slowly returning to normal (very slowly I might add), but we can’t just market the property with close proximity to your next zoom meeting.

They key to marketing is always this… take your time! Don’t rush writing your ad. You should be taking at a minimum 30 minutes to writing your ad. This is what’s going to sell your property to tenants and you need to ensure in a highly competitive rental market, you are selling your property as best as you can.

If we at Welcome Home can ever help managing for finding you great tenants for your rental property, do not hesitate to reach out.