How to attract Gen Z renters

Gen Z is the first generation of digital natives, they grew up exposed to the internet, social networks and technological devices. Many have already graduated from college and are starting their professional careers, meaning they will be renting homes. Today we want to show you some features you can implement in your properties that will appeal to Gen-Z renters.

Reliable and safe connectivity

This one is obvious, right? GenZers is the generation that spends the most time on the Internet. They are also the most accustomed to rapid technological advances and have high expectations when it comes to technology. Another important point is that many of them work remotely, so this point applies not only to leisure but also to work. Offering free high-speed Internet or including it in the rental price is perhaps the easiest way to show Generation Z tenants that your building fits their lifestyle.

Outdoor Amenities

After 2020 left everyone cooped up indoors, people started to crave the outdoors and green spaces more than ever. And Generation Z is no exception. Adding outdoor amenities to your property will increase its value and provide that coveted green space your residents crave. Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity to gather and get together with the community.


You already know that Gen Z renters prioritize high-speed Internet. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that they also seek out real estate technology more than any other generation. In fact, 62% of young renters say apartment technology is very important to them when looking for a new home. Smart home amenities, such as smart locks and smart thermostats, are the technology features Gen Z residents crave. These smart solutions enhance the resident experience by increasing their comfort and adapting to the Generation Z lifestyle.

The property rental business always brings new challenges and changes to which we must adapt. And undoubtedly the new generations represent a challenge for property owners. Don’t get left behind and follow these tips to attract more tenants to your properties!