How to Deal with Over Occupancy

As a landlord, you will often find it difficult to know the extent to which your residents are complying with each clause of the lease. No matter how well drafted each rule is, there will always be aspects that can give you problems, one of them being occupancy. 

Chances are that before signing the lease you will have asked for full information about who will be living in the property, however, once the tenants have moved in, you will find it difficult to know if the occupancy conditions are being met. 

Problems can arise if tenants are constantly receiving visitors for extended periods of time, or when someone visits so frequently that it appears as if they live there, even though they do not. Or a worse case is when residents sublet rooms in the property without the owner’s permission.

If you have suspicions that something like this is happening on your property, do not immediately accuse your tenant of violating the terms of the lease. Instead, gather all the information and evidence necessary to take appropriate action. Unfortunately, these are actions that cannot be taken from afar, which is why it is advisable to ask for the help of an experienced property manager.

A property manager will first of all be able to carefully review the lease contract to define how the rules are being broken. In addition, with his experience and knowledge, he will know how to carry out periodic reviews to find out what is really going on in the property. And finally, he will help you resolve the problem in the most harmonious way possible, giving you peace of mind about your real estate investments.

There are situations in which the experience and knowledge that a property manager can provide are unparalleled. That’s why I advise you not to hesitate to go to one if the management of your property is getting out of hand.