How to spend vacation with your kids during a pandemic

As Ontario moves to Stage 1 of its re-opening plan it’s hard to believe we’ve been on lockdown, partial lockdown which seems like an eternity. As the weather gets warmer it becomes more challenging for things to do while respecting social distancing.

Whatever your beliefs are on the pandemic, this post is not political, it’s to help everyone, including parents find ways to spend the summer months with their kids. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Limit your activities to small groups

It should go without saying but we know that come June 11th some people will just go nuts like a bunch of caged animals. We’ve worked hard over the past number of months to get numbers down it’s imperative we remain vigilant as we continue to fight the pandemic. We all need to continue to do our part to return to a sense of normalcy.

2. Spend time at the beach or backyard pool

Depending where you live, the past week has been HOT in Ontario. Find ways to cool off and ensure you keep your kids cool. Whether it’s at the beach or maybe in just your backyard oasis what kid doesn’t like a pool, a beach or a lake.

3. Organize small play dates for your kids

Believe it or not, we can still have play dates, within reason, however gone are the days of multiple play dates and multiple birthday parties in the same day, for now. I remember my daughter having 3-4 birthday parties a weekend, not to mention these weekends bankrupting me! Find ways to continue to create a senses of normalcy for the kids. After all, other parents out there are just like you and struggling to not only find things to do, but also for their own company as well.

4. Explore Ontario’s provincial parks and hiking trails

This by far is my favourite one and one I’m looking forward to doing with my kids this summer. I’’s a perfect opportunity to explore everything Ontario has to offer. Take some time, get away and unplug from your tablets, WIFI and phones and enjoy a nice walk along the many trails or a night under the stars.

Having kids. myself, I know the challenges other parents are facing to create a sense of normalcy for our kids. We can only do our best and all parents should give themselves a pat on the back because the last few months have not been easy! While Welcome Home doesn’t offer travel agency services we do commend everyone for where we are today! We’re almost there and it’s because of all of our collective hard work!