March Break Ideas with your Kids

With March Break now upon us if you’re anything like me, you have an uninterrupted work with your kids which can be lots of fun but perhaps challenging in terms of finding activities for them to do.

Well, it’s not just about property management here, we decided to put together a list of 10 activities to test out with your kids:

  1. Build something day. Lego. Living room fort. Cookie tower.
  2. PJ day. Stay in pjs all day.
  3. Book day. Read one, Write one. Draw one. Colour one. Write a letter to an author.
  4. Sports day works for boys and girls. Soccer. Baseball. Ninja warrior course. Get kids active (and tired!).
  5. Arts n’ crafts anyone? I happen to LOVE arts n’ crafts with my kids so a simple google search will find some great activities.
  6. A Scavenger Hunt is an easy indoor or outdoor activity
  7. Doing kid-appropriate science experiments isn’t really all that hard. Think: make slime, DIY lava, crystals, and more.
  8. Food day. Here’s an idea: try to eat backwards (dinner, lunch, and then breakfast). Have lunch in alphabetical order. Eat by colour.
  9. Backwards day. Kind of like backwards food day. Start your day like you finish it. Put your clothes on backwards. Walk backwards. Or backwards family (kids are the parents and parents are the kids).
  10. Travel day. Go someplace or PRETEND to go someplace. NYC in the living room anyone?

These are just some of the ideas I’ll be using with my own kids. Why not help each other and make sure our kids have an awesome March Break.