Productivity apps you should try

We are starting a new year and surely you have many goals to accomplish, not only personally but also professionally. And believe it or not, technology can help us meet our goals and keep us focused. Here are three apps that will surely make your work easier and more productive.


Todoist’s main goal is to help you organize and capture tasks, whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term agenda. This app provides sections and subtask categories to keep you organized, allows you to set up recurring tasks, and helps you prioritize tasks.  

Notifications and reminders accompany labels and also have a great feature where you can create boards to help you see the big picture and filters. Todoist provides task archives and weekly and monthly statistics to give you productivity and activity updates.

Rescue Time

If you are a big procrastinator and find it hard to focus on the tasks you must do, then RescueTime is the application for you. It strengthens focus and removes distractions by tracking work you accomplish on your computer. It uses that data to give you insight into your focus habits. In addition, it is excellent to keep you motivated in your work because it identifies your strengths and based on that, it tells you when you can perform the tasks in which you need more concentration.

Another great feature is that alerts you if you’re accepting too many tasks, and lets you know when you’re losing focus. When you sign up for RescueTime, it creates a profile based on the way you work. The RescueTime survey assesses the type of work you do, the setting, your work schedule, and your work goals.


In order to keep you focused, Freedom disables websites and applications. To avoid wasting time, you can work offline, completely block the internet, or set specific times for your blocklist to take effect.

With Freedom, you can record session histories, keep track of your accomplishments, and listen to background noise. You may eliminate distractions wherever you go by syncing Freedom across devices.

Unlimited sessions and devices planned sessions that repeat, and partner discounts are some of the premium Freedom features.

No doubt these apps will help you to have a better performance in your work, I invite you to try them and thank me later!