Put a Little Spring in Your Property!

Do you find yourself reciting “April Showers bring May flowers” this time of year?  Hopefully Mother Nature has no more “snowy” surprises for us. 

As much as we dislike the rain that April is known for, it is so important. It is nature’s way of cleaning and ensuring everything is ready and able to grow, bud, and bloom when the time is right.

Spring is a great time for Mother Nature to do her thing…

it is also a great opportunity and the perfect time for you as a homeowner or landlord to do a refresh on your own property.

The time you invest in spring cleaning not only provides immediate satisfaction and results but also ensures that your property maintains its curb appeal and is in good condition year after year.

  • Garbage/litter pick-up – invariably we all find it as the snow melts its on our lawn, in and around our shrubs.
  • Animal Feces – I understand, you were tired, and it was -40, so you let the dog out to do their “business”, well it is still there and needs picking up. Your neighbours “best friend” may have also left a surprise or two on your front lawn.
  • Dead leaves – clean them out from in and around shrubs, perennials, and ornamental grasses.
  • Raking – if you raked your lawn well in the fall, it should still be in pretty good shape but there could still be some stray leaves that need picking up. A fresh raking will help to avoid thatch build up on your yard.  

First Up, Outdoor Springtime Maintenance…

what are some of the key jobs you should complete to get your yard and gardens ready:

  • Gutters / Water – gutters should be inspected. You want to ensure your they are free of leaves and debris.  Also, double check that the gutters are still well secured to the roof. You want the spring rainwater to flow out and away from your home’s foundation so check the downspout to ensure it is installed properly.
  • Outdoor Taps – time to turn them on, let the water run a little to ensure no leaks
  • Air Conditioner – If the unit is a few years old consider hiring a qualified technician to service the unit. The belts may be worn, and the unit should be cleaned to ensure it stays cool all summer long.  If you don’t hire a technician and the unit is recently installed check and remove any weeds, or garbage from the area.
  • Clean Exterior Vents – vents can be a fire or carbon monoxide hazard, check them and clear away any overgrown foliage and ensure proper airflow.
  • Inspect Window Screens – Replace or repair any damaged or missing window screens around the property. Broken and damaged screens are the perfect welcome door for pests and insects.
  • Secure Entry Points – you want a safe and secure home for everyone who lives in the house, so take ten – fifteen minutes to check and see that all windows and doors shut and lock properly.
  • Inspect the Roof – The roof not only keeps your tenants dry and protects your property, but it also helps to maintain optimal energy efficiency. Your roof should be inspected regularly for missing shingles or damage. If an issue is found, consult a roofing professional to schedule repairs.

Alright, the outside looks great…

and everything is inspected and working well, now let’s move inside!

As an owner this time of year is a great opportunity to take advantage of the property being vacant to do some Spring Cleaning, even if it is only a day or two. Some areas to consider cleaning, refurbishing and repairing between tenants are:

For safety and Efficiency:

  • Fire / Smoke Detectors – double check they are operating properly and change the batteries.
  • Furnace Filter – this is a perfect time to replace it

Yes, most tenants moving into a new property will do their own cleaning.  But when they move into your property and see evidence of proper maintenance and upkeep, it not only indicates your appreciation for the property but for them as tenants as well. Most will see your contentious approach as a landlord and emulate it as tenants

Throughout the home look at:

  • Windows – spring is the perfect time to give them a good cleaning and have them sparkling inside and out.
  • Appliances – are they all in good working condition.  Does the exhaust fan over the stove need cleaning, it is an area that often sees a build up of grease. 
  • Paint – take a look around, do any of the rooms need a fresh coat of paint
  • Lightbulbs – replace any that are burnt out. Also a good time to look at replacing any that are not energy efficient.
  • Light Fixtures – wash, and dust them, especially those that a tenant cannot easily reach.
  • Blinds or curtains – if they are included in the unit, give them a dusting, or launder them.
  • Baseboards – it’s an easy way to help freshen up a unit simply give them a good wipe down
  • Ceilings & Corners – high and low, they are the perfect place for spiders to make a new home!

Being a landlord is more than filling a property and collecting rent cheques. There is a lot of ongoing work that needs to be done and kept up month to month, year over year. 

Have you grown tired of Spring Cleaning your properties, or maybe you’re a new landlord and the list above is daunting? Welcome Home has a Spring Ready program and the staff who can assist with any work not covered by our program. Give us a call or email info@welcomehomepm.ca

When the work is all done, don’t forget to take some time for yourself and “Tip Toe through the Tulips”!