Stage It to Rent or Sell It!

Warm weather will soon be here, and you are planning to rent or sell your property.  We have all heard the term, “Staging” what does that really mean and what does it really look like. Staging in a nutshell is preparing your home for showings that encourage potential tenants or buyers to want to live in the space. 

Try these Summer Staging tricks!

A Beach Feel Inside

  • Your property might not have a pool, but inside you can set the stage and highlight a visit to the local splash pad or community pool by adding a basket of pool towels and sunscreen in the laundry area. Use a sea or water theme, seashells, lightweight fabrics, and woven accents help to create a “beachy” feel.

Open curtains and blinds before every showing 

  • Let the light shine in!  Opening the blinds and curtains, not only brightens the living spaces, it helps clients relax, and provides a warmth to imagine.  It also makes the space feel bigger! If there is a dinette, clients can often envision themselves enjoying a morning cup of coffee!

Colourful, Bright, and Fragrant

  • A big, beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers as clients enter the home, that are visible, maybe the entrance way, on the kitchen island, or dining room table.  Fresh cut flowers are known to help people relax and provide a calming feel.  A calm relaxed client walking through your property can provide that sense of “home” they are looking for.  Subtle lavendar is a great go to fragrance.

Quench a Thirst

  • Have a decorative pitcher filled with lemonade, re-usable glasses and bottles of cold water for potential renters and buyers at showings. Everyone appreciates a cold drink in the heat.

Cool Things Down

  • Turn on ceiling fans or air conditioning. A hot, humid, and stuffy room make potential buyers want to leave. If they are comfortable, they are more likely to stick around and check out the rest of the property!

Turn the patio into an additional “Room” 

  • If the home has an outdoor space set-up an area complete with table, chairs, placemats, plates, and cloth napkins. A new outdoor rug, cushy pillows, and furniture.  Don’t be discouraged if the outdoor space isn’t huge, there are numerous 3pc patio sets available, and with the touch of added plants, and the rug your balcony is just as inviting!

Avoid using the oven before a showing

  • It not only can add extra heat during the summer months but with the heat any cooking odours can linger. 

Is there Curb Appeal

  • Will potential tenants and buyers want to get out of their car to go inside and look at your property?  Is the front lawn kept well trimmed and watered?  Are weeds pulled, add bark or mulch to help keep the weeds at bay.  Has the garbage been emptied?  High temperatures resulting in a stench is a turn-off for clients.  

Before every showing always take the time to walk through your property, tidy items up, and add some or all of the above staging tricks.  Clients that get a welcoming feel when they first approach and enter your property will take time to walk through it.  If the space is what they need and what they are looking for, the above little details often encourage them to place and offer or fill out a lease agreement.

Don’t Forget – Bright, Colourful, and Cool, to stage your property in the summer months.