How to Attract Long Term Tenants

Long-term tenants are a great way to ensure your investment is operating at peak efficiency.

Turnovers cost money and can be a stressful time for investors. If a tenant has left after staying for 6 months, then you need to advertise your rental again. Once you attract prospective tenants, you’ll also need to spend time checking their background.

There are plenty of benefits can be gained by having long-term tenants Aside from regular earnings, here are some other advantages:

1. Zero maintenance costs for vacant units

Whether or not you have tenants, the maintenance expenses will continue. You need to shell out money to keep your rental unit in peak shape. In fact, before a scheduled property showing, the rental space must look pristine with all the appliances fully functioning.

2. Sense of familiarity with the ongoing leasing policies 

When a renter has been staying for a long time, understanding leasing policies is second nature. The landlord no longer needs to discuss the policies in detail and remind the tenant.

3. Tenants are more likely to take better care of the property

A long-term tenant is likely to have owned a few additional furnishings in the rental space. Hence, a sense of ownership is established. This leads to maintaining the facilities of the property.

4. Reduced wear and tear that comes from frequent short-term turnovers

The more renters you have, the more used your furnishing becomes. This can quickly lead to your furniture being worn out. Furniture can also be easily damaged when renters keep moving in and out of the rental unit.

5. A stronger relationship between tenants and landlords 

Staying for a longer period in one place leads to friendly relations between a tenant and a landlord. Expectations and understanding are reached smoothly.

It’s no accident that some investors are able to consistently attractlong-term tenants. You can actually take steps to ensure you’re able to retain your existing tenants. Remember to treat your renters with respect and listen to their needs.

A good landlord can meet and even exceed a tenant’s expectations. If there’s something you can do to make a tenant’s stay more satisfactory, then go ahead and apply your ideas. Welcome Home can assist you in finding great, long term tenants. If you need help finding long term tenants, feel free to reach out to our team.