Tips for Finding Great Tenants

Good Tenants

One of the most challenging things self-managing landlords face is selecting the right tenants. Choosing the right tenant for your rental property will either make you or break you as a landlord, so you need to ensure you take your time in this process. If not done properly, you can kiss that cash flow goodbye.…

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How to Attract Long Term Tenants

Attract Long Term Tenants

Long-term tenants are a great way to ensure your investment is operating at peak efficiency. Turnovers cost money and can be a stressful time for investors. If a tenant has left after staying for 6 months, then you need to advertise your rental again. Once you attract prospective tenants, you’ll also need to spend time…

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National Pet Day & Screening for Pets

National Pet Day

Over the weekend, we celebrated National Pet Day. If you’re a pet owner, you know there’s not a day that goes by that you don’t celebrate your animal companion! So, hug your dog or cat as you do every day because we know that this animal makes you happy — and that’s not all. Over…

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Questions to ask prospective tenants

You’ve just listed your very first rental property for rent and now you start to get the email inquiries. Excitement, fear, apprehension. Maybe even not knowing what to do. Guess what, that’s normal. You’ve come to the right place. Like you, I started out just the same way, I was maybe a few steps ahead…

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